Day 1 of Nancy I. Sanders’ Virtual Book Tour at the National Writing For Childrens Center

        This month, I’m hosting Day 1 of the Virtual Book Tour for all
        the children’s book authors/illustrators who are part of the
        November Showcase at the National Writing for Children Center.
        Today, I’m pleased to be hosting Day 1 of the tour for author
        Nancy I. Sanders
       Nancy I. Sanders grew up on a dairy farm in Everett, PA, the
       youngest of seven children. She milked the cows, baled the hay,
       husked the corn and loved to read! She laughed herself silly
       over the antics of Winnie the Pooh and Paddington the Bear.
       She read Little Women perched up high in the branches of an
       apple tree. She read Pride and Prejudice aloud with her future
       sister-in-law while floating on a raft in the middle of a pond. 
       Why did you decide to become a children’s writer?
       I didn’t ever really think about becoming a writer, but when
       I had children of my own, I discovered that children’s stories
       began to germinate inside me and sprouted out onto paper.
       Since I’d been such an avid reader all my life, it was a natural
       extension for me to begin to create stories of my own. I love the
       precious world of children. It’s a world of wonder and delight.
       It’s a joy to be part of this world as a children’s writer.
       How did you come up with the idea for your book, America’s
       Black Founders: Revolutionary Heroes and Early Leaders?

       Since my book,  A Kid’s Guide to African American History, I
       have specialized in writing about African American history for
       children. I’ve written various books and magazine articles for
       children based on this extensive research. My husband, Jeff,
       helps with the research, especially keeping me on top of current
       Jeff loves David McCullough’s books and was reading his book
       1776 one summer. We enjoy discussing history and as he was
       sharing with me about the amazing history he was learning
       about in that book during the founding years of our nation, I
       would share parallel stories I was discovering in my research at
       that time about the amazing contributions to our nation
       accomplished by African Americans interacting and influencing
       our nation’s early leaders. It suddenly struck me that even
       though this information I was researching about African
       Americans during the founding years of America was available
       to university students and scholars, hardly any of it had ever
       before been presented to children, parents, teachers, and
       librarians. The idea for America’s Black Founders was born.
       Describe the journey America’s Black Founders took after
       you got the idea to write it.
       I pitched the idea to write this book to my publisher, Chicago
       Review Press. They offered me a contract and it took me a year
       to write the book and acquire the images. I had never been
       required to supply images for one of my books, so it was a
       fantastic journey! I discovered so many amazing documents,
       some of them handwritten, as well as original paintings and
       portraits that I was able to put in this book. When the book
       came out this past January, it was well-received. Museum
       bookstores, especially in Philadelphia and Boston, carry it as
       well as libraries across the nation. It just won the Best Books
       2010 Award for the Children’s Nonfiction category with USA
       Book News!

        For more information on Nancy I. Sanders’ book, please visit her Blog at for a book party.

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