Day 1 of Sean Noonan’s Virtual Book Tour For The National Writing For Childrens Center

       This month, I’m hosting Day 1 of the Virtual Book Tour for all
       the children’s book authors/illustrators who are part of the
       November Showcase at the National Writing for Children Center.
       Today, I’m pleased to be hosting Day 1 of the tour for author Sean
       “I believe that our imagination is our key to a happy life and we
       should nurture the positive imagination of all children.”
       Honestly? I am an author by accident. My life has not been full
       of literary achievements. I completed high school and attended
       St Andrews University at the age of sixteen. But I soon realised
       that academia was not my calling so decided to have some
       adventure and I joined the merchant navy.
       Life at sea was good and I worked my way up from cadet to
       captain with a sea going career of twenty years. When I sailed
       around the world I saw many things that only a few will ever
       see. I have even been at sea in the eye of a hurricane. Did you
       know hurricanes have blue eyes? Rather like my wife Liz. That
       was a thrilling and yet scary night with waves taller than
       houses and a wind that was so fast it could rip the breath out of
       you. Even though it was a very dangerous experience (not one I
       would want to repeat) I found myself intrigued by the storm’s power.
       My trips took me to many different countries and allowed me to
       see the diverse and colourful world that we live in. In fact there
       are few countries I haven’t been to at some time over the years.
       One of my ambitions is to see Antarctica but so far that one
       eludes me. One day 
       I left the sea at the turn of the millennium and was fortunate to
       land a good job with a local Scottish ship owner based in
       Edinburgh. Following on from that I started my own company
       and I provide a service of safety management and risk
       assessment to clients that involves me travelling around the
       world visiting ships in foreign ports. I know what I do makes a
       big difference to the lives of seafarers and I enjoy that sense of
       achievement when we have helped the ships become safer.
       So how did I go from being a salty seadog to being a writer?
       Well, I have always been a reader and will always have at least
       one book with me in my travels around the world. I love to read
       fun books such as Terry Pratchett’s Disc World novels. He
       writes fantasy books steeped in humour and colourful
       characters that provide excellent entertainment for the reader.
       My current book is the Hobbit by Tolkien such a well balanced
       book which starts with good humour and introduces us to the
       delightful hobbits.
       Being an avid reader is a key component to being a writer. I
       think my love of books led me to think that I may have a book
       in me. Most people hope they do, don’t they?
       I started writing the ‘Everlasting and Fantastical Adventures’
       for my children in the second half of 2009. Liz (my wife) and I
       always read to them every night, so I thought it might be fun to
       create stories that would give my kids something special to
       hear at bed time. The stories went down well and I happen to
       tell Sam’s nursery teacher about them. She asked for a copy to
       read to her children and, after she had, said it was a wonderful
       I thought that maybe we had something so I tried them out on
       Liz’s parents, Charles and Sandra. Charles is as ex royal
       marine commando and shoots straight from the hip, Sandra is a
       prolific reader and reads several books a week. I knew they
       would tell me what they truly thought and was very pleased
       that they both loved it. But what would the professionals think?
       I was recommended the publishers, OutskirtsPress, by a writer
       in Ireland and I sent them a copy of the manuscript. I waited
       with baited breath for their reply and was bowled over by their
       enthusiastic acceptance of the book for publishing. And the rest,
       they say, is history  …. 

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