Rejection is a Way of Life for a Writer

      Rejection is never easy to deal with for writers. Yet you can’t
       be a writer without rejection. Rejection seems to so much part of a
       writer’s life. It is just as much a part of the writer’s life as it is part
       of a butcher’s job to cut himself from time to time. 
       Rejection is an intimate part of the writing life. Mature writers
       deal with rejection with much more equanimity than amateur
       ones. This may be the case because amateur writers want to get
       published so badly. And if they don’t get published for a long
       time, they start getting really frustrated and disillusioned. Some
       amateur writers hate rejection so much that they won’t send
       anything out to publishers.
       I’m not going to say that rejection is easy, because it isn’t. But
       I have to say that you have to be rejected before you get
       accepted. Most amateur writers don’t even know what they are
       doing wrong until they meet a kind editor who will give them
       feedback on a manuscript. Most editors are way too busy to offer
       such help. But if you have numerous rejections from one
       particular editor, you may ask for tips or pointers.
       I did this very thing a few years ago. I kept submitting to a
       magazine editor.  When I received my third rejection from this
       particular editor, I wrote to her kindly and asked if she could give
       me some tips to improve what I submit in future so that I could be
       more successful to meet the magazine’s needs. And I was lucky.
       She emailed back a few pages of comments and I never looked
       back. The next time I submitted a manuscript to this magazine, she
       purchased it!
       So, dealing with rejection isn’t easy. But it is a necessary part of
       the writer’s life. Don’t take it personally and try to move past
       rejection. And try as much as possible to learn from it because
       sometimes by studying your rejections you could learn what you
       need to get your manuscripts accepted. 
       ~ Happy writing!
       ~ Irene


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