Eliminating Distractions One at a Time

           I certainly reflect about distractions often on this blog
           because I think it is one of the major reasons why writers
           don’t write when they say they will. They get bogged down
           doing everything but write. And that causes more anxiety
           for writers than almost anything.
           Here are a few tips to eliminate distractions. 
           1.  Treat your writing as you would a job.  Make sure that
           when you start writing nothing will take you away from the
           task at hand, except an emergency or a bathroom break.
           2.  Write for the allotted time. If you planned to write for
           two hours, make sure that you do. And get into the habit of
           doing exactly what you plan to do, unless it is an emergency.
           Have a thermos of coffee ready so that you don’t have to
           keep going to the kitchen to make yourself some more every
           few minutes.
           3.  As you get into the habit of writing for the amount of
           time you initially set out to do, you will be gaining self-
           confidence as a writer and you will feel much better about
           yourself and your craft. This will yield success over time.
           4.  Minimize external distractions such as the phone or
           internet. When you’re at work, you can’t call a friend and
           start talking to him/her in the middle of your work day. The
           same should apply when you start writing. Just write. Finish
           your allotted time at the desk, and then call your friend.
           5.  Take your writing very seriously. If you don’t take
           your writing seriously, no one else will either. So, make sure
           that you make the time to write and stick to the time without
           exception as if your life depends on it because it does.
           By following these tips, you will be eliminating
           distractions in your writing life.  And you will be much
           more successful than first anticipated.


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