Pacing During NaNoWriMo

       Pacing During NaNoWriMo       
       When writers start large projects, timing and pacing is a large
       part of your success.  Pacing isn’t too difficult to do at all if you
       plan ahead. You could even plan for times when you could have
       some down time for rest, relaxation and recreation. These times
       could be just as important as your productive times because they
       help you to regroup and to step back from your work.
       In order to pace yourself during the November NaNoWriMo,
       you should make up a writing grid for the whole month.  In it,
       you should jot down your writing for the whole month. Here are a
       few tips to achieve this.
       1. Determine what your overall writing goals will be for the
       month in terms of words or pages. 
       2.  Divide your overall goals into four equal parts. For instance,
       if your overall goal is to write 30,000 during November, you will
       have to write 7,500 words a week. 
       3.  Then further divide your writing goals into, say, six parts, so
       that you could have one day off a week. So, you’ll have to write
       approximately 1,250 words a day. 
       4.  If you decide to write for five days only, your word counts
       will go up higher to about 1,500 words per day.  This is doable.
       But you must plan to do it in order for it to get done.
       So, fellow writers, here you have it.  Spend some time over the
       next few days determining what you want to accomplish in
       November so that you could map out a plan like this for yourself.
       Your chances of succeeding will be much greater if you do.
       ~ Happy Writing,
       ~ Irene


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