Habit is More Important than Inspiration
       Writers tend to want to be inspired by other writers in order to
       do their best and most consistent work. But is that the best way to
       achieve success as a writer?
       Habit is more important than inspiration because habit is much
       more persistent and consistent. If you get into the habit of doing
       something consistently, and it works, then it will yield success in
       the long run. Habits once made are pretty permanent and
       wonderful to have in place for consistency and success.
       However, inspiration is much more variable. It is an emotional
       response to your writing, and it may vary with your mood. This
       can really hinder your productivity some days. And this over time
       can make you loose a lot of hours of work. That can really hinder
       your progress as a writer.
       James Denney writes about this extensively in his book entitled
       Quit your day Job. He believes that there are seven essential habits
       of successful writers. These are as follows:
                Write Daily
                Cultivate the Art of Solitude Amid Distractions
                Write Quickly and With Intensity
                Set Ambitious But Achievable Goals
                Finish What You Start and
                Submit What You Finish Believe You Can
       This list is so complete that I printed it off and pasted it on the
       wall beside my work station. I hope you will find it good too.
       ~ Happy writing!
       ~ Irene


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