Meet Donna McDine
       Thank you so much for being with us today, Donna. Tell us a
       few things about yourself?
       I am a native of Rockland County, NY and have lived at three
       different places in the same county. My parents house, our first
       condo as newlyweds and then house 12 years later. I’ve been
       working as a virtual assistant for 14 years, long before it became
       mainstream and now as a writer for the last three years.
       Who is your favorite author/book?
       Hmm…..this is a tough question. Before I began writing and had
       the opportunity to get to know so many writers from small
       presses, I would have stated some well known names. To name
       my favour author or book is too difficult, so I’m going to opt out
       on this.
       Did you try to emulate any author’s style of writing as an
       inspiration when you started?
       One of the best pieces of advice I was given early on in my writing
       career was to write from my heart and not to replicate another
       Donna, could you please tell us a bit about your current writing
       My current W-I-P is Images of the Past, which I’m embarrassed to
       say I have been working on off and on for several years now.
       Synopsis: Two young girls separated by 200 years, experience
       similar traumas of unspoken abuse. The long ago occupants find
       the strength to fight against negative forces with negative results.
       Will the current day occupants have the same outcome? Images of
       the Past
takes you on a unique journey across time as each attempt
       to break free from the shared experiences which bind them.
       What was your inspiration for writing The Golden Pathway?
       I have always been fascinated by American History and wanted to
       tell a story through the eyes of a child.


       What would you like the reader to take away from this book?
       With determination and courage a child can make a difference.
       What a great message Donna. I think all kids need to hear this
       message. Was this a difficult book for you to write Donna?

       No.  The characters of David and Jenkins flowed from my mind
       onto paper with an early assignment at the Institute for Children’s
       Literature and I had only shared the manuscript with my
       instructor, but the characters kept calling me demanding their
       story to be told.
       Donna, do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
       Read, read, read in the genre you are interested in writing. Attend
       writer’s conferences. There you can make important contacts with
       agents, publishers, editors, and fellow writers. Networking is key.
       Do you have any last words Donna?
       Don’t give up. Rejection is part of the game. Without rejection,
       you won’t get to the ultimate one acceptance, which will surely
       lead to further acceptances.

       Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with me today.
       It was so nice to get to know you more. Good luck with all of your
       future writing projects Donna!



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