Do you Always Have to Do Your Best work?
       Many writers are perfectionists at heart and if they can’t do
       their best work, they don’t want to do any writing at all. I know
       for myself, if I waited to do my best work, I probably wouldn’t be
       working more than ten or possibly fifteen days a month.
       Over the years, I have talked to many other writers about
       perfectionism. They feel the same way as I do when it comes to
       writing despite how they feel about their work at the time. We all
       seem to agree that we don’t always have to do our best work in
       order to sit down and write. Sometimes, simply sitting and getting
       some writing done is good enough.
       In fact, for most writers, getting a bit of writing done every day
       keeps them going. If we wait for our muse or some miraculous
       type of inspiration, we may be waiting to write for a long time and
       will squander large swats of possible writing time chasing a house
       of cards. The best thing that writers can do is to write consistently.
       And they must write each and every day, whether or not they are
       doing their BEST writing.
       So, if you are feeling like you won’t be able your best work
       today, sit down and write anyway. Set goals, achieve them, and
       them move onto your next project. Then perhaps one day if you
       are lucky you will wake up feeling very fresh and able to do your best
       work. Seize those days fellow writers because there are very few
       of them!
       ~ Happy writing!
       ~ Irene


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