Maybe Pessimism isn’t all bad?
       One of the chief questions that I want to ask myself today is: Can
       pessimism actually serve some positive function for writers or is it all
       Pessimism is like anything else if you have a healthy amount of
       pessimism, it can perhaps help you, assuming you are not a pessimistic
       type of person in the first place.  Otherwise, the pessimism that you
       experience can be chronic, toxifying every manuscript that you ever
       So, what is the right amount of pessimism? Well, pessimism that, for
       instance, makes you check over your manuscript one extra time for
       typos before sending it off to an editor is a good thing. Also, the
       pessimism that gives you the wisdom to know that you probably
       won’t get published with a big name book publisher right off the bat is a
       good thing too. Any kind of pessimism that helps you to face the
       realities of a writer, is a good thing.
       However, pessimism is a bad thing if it paralyzes you to do your best
       possible writing or to send off your writing to editors and publishers
       because you don’t think that it is good enough. So, pessimism
       is bad if it stifles your creativity and stops you from being
       everything that you can be as a writer, including stretching
       yourself and trying to be the best that you can be.
       Generally, optimists tend to be healthier, happier, and get lot of
       writing done. Pessimists, on the other hand, are not as healthy, not as
       happy, and get a lot less done because of their pessimism. So, I ask,
       which would you rather be?
       Despite some of small benefits of being a pessimist, being an
       optimism is SO much better for your health and your writing. So, try
       being an optimist, and don’t let anyone say that being a pessimist isn’t
       all that bad.
       ~ Happy Writing
       ~ Irene


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