You can Learn to be Optimistic?
       The good news is that you CAN learn to be optimistic. Now this
       sometimes goes against the grain for writers as they are naturally
       pessimistic sorts. But with a bit of practise and discipline, you too can
       become optimistic.
       Here are a few tips on how to become an optimist instead of a
              Always make the best out of a rejection even if it hurts.
              Always approach your writing with peace and equanimity;
              Take the time to regroup and to be positive, instead of negative
                 and gloomy;
              Always give yourself a pat on the back, even if you don’t think
                 you deserve it;
              Always try and do the best you can, and know and believe that
                 the rest will take care of itself in time;
              Don’t allow others to put you down even if you think they’re
              Always hang around positive people, especially positive writers,
                 and don’t be a member of a negative or toxic critique group;
              Always take criticism from others with a grain of salt don’t let it
                 get you down;
              Believe in your heart that in time you will become a better
                 writer just give it some time.
       By following these tips, you could become less pessimistic, and much
       more balanced and level headed. And who knows you may even enjoy
       your writing more.  How great is that, huh?
       ~ Irene


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