1. Tell us a few things about yourself, Suzanne.
       My home is in Houston, Texas, where I live with my husband
       Stuart and our two large dogs, Laura and Diana. We have three
       grown sons, three wonderful daughters-in-law, and seven
       grandchildren. I’m a singer, pianist, and retired teacher of singing
       and piano. My small business is composing personalized lullabies
       and play songs for babies and children, and recording them on
       CDs with the babies’ photos; they are presented in an album with
       the printed music and lyrics for all the songs included. My web
       site is For many years I have
       played regularly as pianist in a chamber music group with two
       violinists, a violist and a cellist. I also enjoy accompanying singers,
       instrumentalists and choruses.

       2.  What is your favourite book?

       Deciding upon my favorite book is a big challenge. Since early
       childhood I have loved to read, so I have many favorites. I
       particularly love history, biography, travel, anything about music,
       and novels. One of my all-time favorite novels is ‘Ramona’ by
       Helen Hunt Jackson. It isn’t often I re-read a book, but I have read
       that one several times. The novels and stories of Willa Cather are
       always fascinating to me, and I always wish she had written lots
       more. I’m a real pushover for excellent writing. ‘Kristin
       Lavransdatter’, the trilogy by Sigrid Undset, is another great

       3. Who is your favorite author?

       Again, it’s very hard to say, there are many that I greatly admire.
       Willa Cather, as mentioned above, is one of my most-admired. Leo
       Tolstoy is among my favorites, I only wish I could read his works
       in the original language. Barbara Tuchman’s historical works are
       remarkable. There are so many authors that I admire that it would
       be hard to mention them all. The very act of completing a book is
       something to be much admired, and if it’s a good book…that is
       really special and rare.

       4. What inspired you to write for children?

       At last, an easy question — what inspired me to want to write for
       children? This question has seven answers, my grandchildren. It
       has been fun writing stories for them about their interests, and
       such a delight to find that they have enjoyed them, and other
       children seem to enjoy them as well.
       5. Tell us a bit about your writing projects, Suzanne.
       Right now I have two current writing projects. One has a time
       constraint, so I am busily accumulating materials for my research.
       I have been asked to write a history of the Houston Tuesday
       Musical Club, Houston’s oldest arts organization, to be presented
       at the club’s centennial celebration on March 20, 2011. It is a
       fascinating project, especially since it involves so many people that
       I know and admire.

       The second project is a commission for a third children’s book.
       This commission came from a childhood friend, and it comes with
       two stipulations with which I will gladly comply. It must be about
       a dog, and have something to do with opera. The marvellous
       artist, Marj Hales, with whom I have produced two earlier
       children’s books, is on board for this project. Marj paints animals
       beautifully, and she particularly loves dogs. I look forward already
       to seeing her paintings.

       6. When is your new book coming out Suzanne? Tell us a bit about
       Marj and I have two books out now, ‘Too Too Many Tutus’ and
       ‘Donner the Western Dragon: A Hero’s Tale’. ‘Tutus’ came out Feb.
       24, 2009; and Donner came out Nov. 27, 2009. The two mentioned
       above haven’t been written yet.

       7. What would you like the reader to take away from the book
       In regard to the most recent book, ‘Donner’ — I hope that children
       will learn from it that it’s all right to be different, that success can
       come from just being true to oneself, and doing the right thing.


       8. Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
       I may not be the best person to offer tips to aspiring writers, but
       since you ask…I will give the same tip that I give to myself every
       day: just do something every day. Just get started. Often the rest
       will follow. Persistence is a great quality. Even a small amount of
       work at a time can eventually add up. The same thing works for
       writing that works for practising music. Maybe it works for most
       9. Any last words?
       Once again, thank you for your kindness in interviewing me. It is
       good to be able to spread the word about our books. We believe
       that children will enjoy them.
       Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today
       Suzanne.  I really enjoyed getting to know you and your work
       better. You sure are a busy lady! I can’t wait to read your new




  1. Thanks for a great interview. I so agree that persistence is the key to success as a writer. You can’t give up as easy as it would be sometimes. Keep up the great work for children!

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