Thinking of Your Writing Career as a Nine to Fiver 

       The hardest thing for writers to be is organized. I can attest to this
       myself. There are so many distractions within a given day that it is
       almost impossible to get organized and stay organzed. Add to this, a
       few elderly parents, and you really have a recipe for constant
       I worked a kinda of nine to five schedule for much of my life until the
       last nine years or so. And when I did, I really accomplished a lot of
       writing. I scheduled my appointments during those times and didn’t
       neglect things that absolutely had to get done. But I also made up for the
       hours that I missed going to appointments. That is part of what it means
       to be a full time writer.
       Well, writers tend to be a lot more slack with their writing time. They
       allow themselves to be disturbed for any reason. Most writers answer
       the phone, Email, and do many other ancillary things, when they are
       ‘supposed’ to be writing. And this can result in unfinished writing
       projects and exhausting evenings when you realize that you didn’t
       accomplish what you should have.
       The remedy for this kind of dissatisfaction is to make sure that you
       treat your writing life as you would a job. You have to put in your six or
       eight hours of writing every day. If you are dragged away for some
       reason, make sure (1) the reason is important to merit the interruption,
       and (2) you make up the time you took away from your desk either that
       evening or by waking up earlier and doing the writing before you have
       an interruption.
       Writers have to resolute and disciplined in order to get their writing
       done every day. Otherwise, you will constantly feel frustrated and
       exhausted. But, more importantly, over time, you will lack the self-
       confidence you need to get your writing projects completed. And that
       will hurt you in the long run.
       So, fellow writers, plan, organize, and above all write for a scheduled
       period every day. Treat your writing career as you would any job. You
       will be really glad that you did by the amount of writing that you
       produce in any given extended period of time.
       ~ Happy writing!
       ~ Irene


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