The Importance of Focussing
       Irene S. Roth
       August 11th, 2010
       Focussing is the hardest thing that writers must do in order to
       be successful. But focussing is all-important because without
       focussing, no writer can be consistently successful.
       Yet, for the beginning writer, and even the more mature one,
       focussing is very difficult. It seems that there are tons of
       distraction every day for the writer. And if the writer isn’t
       disciplined, he can really waste a lot of time.
       So, how can a writer stay focussed? I have found that a few
       things really do work. Here are a few:
       1.  Set an alarm clock for an hour or so and try to do as much as
       you can within that time.  When the alarm goes off, you will have
       to either switch to another activity, or switch gear, from reading to
       2.  Turn the ringer off your phone. Try and limit the distraction
       of someone calling you and wanting to talk to you for a half an
       hour. This can sabotage your whole writing day.
       3.  Do a bit of mind focussing before you start. Just close your
       eyes, and breathe deeply. Become aware of your immediate
       surroundings. Do this a couple times a day.
       4.  Do the most important writing activities first. That will
       inspire you to continue to work hard throughout the day.
       5.  Intersperse different types of activities throughout your day.
       This will help you to avoid boredom.
       6.  Eat healthy, and sleep at least eight hours a day. This will all
       help to keep you focussed and healthy.
       ~ Happy writing fellow writers!
       ~ Irene


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