Just another Monday?
       Irene S. Roth
       August 9th, 2010                  

       Is this just another Monday, one that will be nondescript and
       uninteresting, or will you start your work week with a real bang
       and splash?
       The choice is really yours. There is nothing that we have more
       control of in our writing life than our attitude and mood. We
       could decide to be gloomy and unenergetic or spunky, attacking
       our work and deadlines as if they are things that keep us
       motivated and happy to be the writers that we are.
       I find that on Monday morning, as I wake up with my cup of
       tea, I focus on my week and the short and long term goals that I
       need to pursue. Once I have those written down, I decide what I
       will do today in order to get me closer to my goals. Then, I plan
       the exact time of day that I will do those activities, and get busy
       and do them.
       Once the end of the day comes, if I successfully did what was
       on my to do list, I gave myself a small reward at the end of the
       day. Mondays are usually a day that I take the time to have a nice
       long bubble bath in the evening, or I have something nice for
       dinner with nice table linens.  Whatever it is, I do something
       really, really special as a reward.
       So, fellow writers, start this week on a positive note. Show the
       world that you are happy to be a writer. It is a really great career.
       We just have to know that in our hearts and souls, and celebrate
       our small achievements.
       ~ Happy writing!
       ~ Irene


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