Find a Quiet Corner: Inner Peace: Anytime, Anywhere
       Nancy O’Hara
       Sterling Publishing, 2008, 187pp.

       This is a rare book. It is about how to achieve inner peace, no
       matter where you are. What a great message! It is just so
       wonderful to know that inner peace can be found just by turning
       The book is divided into two main parts. Part I discusses how
       an individual can find a quiet corner. It offers a simple guide to
       self-peace, something that writers really need in order to be
       healthy and balanced. Part II discusses how to achieve serenity
       anywhere we go and wherever we find ourselves. What a comfort.
       Most people feel that they have to go to the spa to feel tranquil.
       However, that is far from the case.
       So, why is this book relevant to writers? Well, I think that
       writers are an angst driven community of individuals. We are
       always in a hurry, trying to get a lot of writing done. We multi-
       task and answer continuous Emails. We need to just be sometimes.
       This occurs so much that we don’t ever give ourselves a chance to
       play or to take a much needed break. This, over time, can hinder
       productivity and make you feel very unfulfilled.
       So, take the time today to read O’Hara’s book. And create that
       special retreat for yourself. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate place.
       But it has to be a consistent and quiet place that you go to when
       you need to relax. And trust me, we all need and MUST relax.
       So take a breather today. And don’t forget to close your eyes
       and re-balance your energies and recharge your batteries. Just take
       a few minutes to breathe!
       ~ Irene


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