Monday, Monday…..
       I have a difficult time on Mondays. I think it is really so hard to
       start the week on the right footing. I will be taking the next week
       or so to rethink my work schedule and what my long and short
       term goals really are.
       Mondays come and end in a blur unless I am super careful. This
       means that I have to plan everything and even time myself doing
       certain activities. Otherwise, Mondays become wasted days.
       Hours can go by and all I will be doing is cruising the Internet or
       answering E-mails. That means, I am doing precious little writing.
       This is the beginning of a brand new month. It’s time to make
       your writing plans for the month. Write them down on a sheet of
       paper and paste it in front of you when you are setting up your
       weekly schedule in your day book.  It is important to plug in some
       of your long-term goals into your short-term schedule in order to
       be successful.
       From now on, I will devote Mondays on this Blog to how you
       could be productive during the week. I will offer one tip or so
       every week that you could try to make your writing much more in
       tune with your goals.
       This week, I will focus on limiting distractions. When you set
       out to write, unplug the phone, don’t read or answer email, and
       don’t listen to the radio or television. Just write. Try to keep your
       mind focussed. That way,  you get a lot done in a shorter amount
       of time.                     
       And if Mondays are difficult days for you because you are
       distracted, try focussing for a few minutes. Close your eyes and
       breathe deeply for a few minutes. Then make your plans for the
       ~ Have a productive Monday!
       ~ Irene


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