The Writer’s Retreat

       Do you plan something like a writer’s retreat every weekend
       for yourself?  It doesn’t have to be a long retreat it could be as
       little as half an hour or as much as a few hours. If you are really
       lucky, and you have the time, you should get away for a day or
       two. But I only do that once or twice a year.
       Most of my weekly writing retreats occur on Sunday. I take a
       few hours to meditate, pray and just lay low. I also spend about
       half a hour walking or sitting beside the Avon River, a place of
       retreat for me. It is so wonderful and peaceful around that area,
       especially in early the morning hours when there is dew coming
       off the water and grass.
       I usually sit on a park bench for about an hour and take a few
       breaths. Then I walk back home refreshed. There is nothing better
       for a writer than doing something to rebalance her juices than this.
       So, I sure hope that you have something that you do for yourself
       that can act as a kind of writer’s retreat.
       If currently you don’t take the time to retreat during weekends,
       I suggest you sit down and determine a few things that you can do
       which would be peaceful and that could act as a mini retreat for
       you. It should involve something with nature or your higher
       power, if at all possible.
       Your writer’s retreat could be a corner in your living room that
       is devoted for you alone. It is a place where you could take off
       your shoes and walk barefoot and sit on the floor. Please take the
       time to discover such a place for yourself. You will feel much more
       refreshed and balanced.
       I would love to hear what you do.  Who knows, we could
       probably learn from each other. This can help writers become
       more productive and happier.
       ~ Happy Retreat Hunting.
       ~ Irene


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