Practise Self-Care….and The Rest Will Take Care of Itself

       I know that this week I have been harping a lot about self-care
       and self-love. I just know that earlier as a writer, I always was
       really harsh on myself and terribly self-critical when I didn’t
       complete a project that I set out to complete. So, I do speak from
       I have been writing creatively for about five years now, and
       academically for about 25 years. And I know first hand that there
       are ups and downs to the writing life. There is really nothing that
       you can do about that either.  That is part of the writing life.
       Even seasoned writers, ranging from the prolific Danielle Steele
       to Stephanie Meyer, all have ups and downs in their writing life.
       Some years will be great for their writing career, while other
       year’s won’t be as productive or successful. So, we have to learn
       from such writers and try to persevere ourselves when times get
       One thing that writers rarely is practise self-care. They tend to
       work hard and play hard and there is no in between. Balance is
       the key to happiness and fulfillment. And I think it is no accident
       that we all need times of rest and recreation and self-care.
       What do I mean by self-care?  Well, to practise self-care, you
       spend a few days a week for a few hours just doing something
       that you love. That may be reading a book, going to the movies,
       taking yourself out for coffee, going for a long walk, settling with
       a good book, taking a long bath, and so on. The secret is to do
       something that you really, really enjoy. 
       Do you do such things every week?  If not, you’re not
       practising proper self-care. So, take the time today to plan to do a
       few things over the next few days that you really love. You will
       feel so uplifted and good.
       ~ Happy writing and self-care!
       ~ Irene


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