Practise Self-Love

       You would think that I am writing some kind of self-help
       segment today. But, really, I’m not. My purpose today is to convince you not to
       beat yourself up when your goals are not met during certain
       seasons of your writing.
       Since we are coming close to the end of our July NaNoWriMo,
       I’m sure there are a lot of you who are unhappy at your own
       progress.  I know I am. I am behind about 15,000 words, and I
       have to try and catch up. But I have decided this time around not
       to beat myself up.
       It has been the hottest summer in more than fifty years here in
       Ontario. We have had more 100 degree Fahrenheit days (with the
       humidex). That made the writing conditions almost nonexistent
       some days. Now that is not an excuse but a reason perhaps.
       Secondly, around mid-point, I changed one of my main
       characters’ intention. This sent everything into a tailspin. I had to
       rethink the plot a bit. And, I think, that despite the fact that I am
       behind, it was important for me to pause at that stage. Now the
       plot makes much more sense and my character will substantially
       grow by the end of the novel.
       Thirdly, I have a difficult time writing during the summer.
       There is too much to do around the house, too many chores, too
       many things that keep happening, such as some of the violent
       storms that we have been getting, and so on. So, despite the fact
       that this may be an excuse, it is also a reason for my not being on
       I fully accept my shortfalls, and I still care about myself and love
       myself, as a writer. And in August, I will regroup, whether or not I
       catch up this week, and keep going, because I am worthy as a
       I will let you know on Friday how close I came.
       ~ Happy Writing Fellow Writers!
       ~ Irene


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