Organizing My Blog Posts

       Now that the July NaNoWriMo is coming to a close for another
       few months, I will devote myself to organizing my blog in a much
       more concise manner according to themes. Although I am still
       working out all the kinks and specific themes, I will be including
       the following categories consistently throughout the week starting
       in August.
        I will have a book review day. On that day, I will try and
       review a new writing book something that will give writers the
       much needed help to write at their best and to instill the best
       writing habits.
       I will have a guest blog day. On that day, I will have a guest
       blogger or interview from an author in the writing community.
       People love to know how other writers write and spend their
       writing life, and how they became successful.
       I will also have an instructional day where I will discuss the
       mechanics of writing. These will be tip blogs for writers on how to
       better master their skill.
       Lastly, I will devote two blogging days to discuss the habit of
       writing. What does a writer need to do psychologically in order to
       write on a consistent basis.
       As I said earlier, I will be ironing out the kinks in the next week,
       and as of August 2nd, I should have this schedule in place. In the
       meantime, this week, I will be blogging about the last lap of the
       July NaNoWriMo.
       ~ Have a great week!
       ~ Irene


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