The End is Near….But this project only ends not your writing life

       The end of the July NaNoWriMo is getting close, but it is still isn’t
       here. If you are behind, and I say if, because some of you may be right
       on target.
       I have a few friends who took a month off from work to write full
       time. So, they are on time in terms of their word count. Not only that,
       they are learning so much about themselves as writers. And when they
       go their regular jobs, they will be able to tell everyone that they did
       something that they really wanted to do.
       About twenty years ago, I did just that. During one of my upcoming
       vacations from work, I decided to devote most of my vacation, other
       than a few days to make day trips here and there close by, to writing.
       And I wrote a whole book in a month. It was an academic book that I
       got published within a month of writing it. Let me explain.
       I wrote the book during the month of July. As I was going back to
       work, I wrote about five book proposals to five publishers. I put the first
       one in the mail as I was going back to work on Monday. Within two
       weeks I got a reply that the publisher wanted to see my whole
       manuscript. I sent it and by the end of August it was accepted and a
       publication date was set.
       I don’t know if that was beginners luck or what.  But I do know now
       that if you write in a relaxed manner without outside tensions and
       anxiety it is so much better and you will have a lot of success. I know I
       did. I still plan my books during down times. I find that those times are
       the best for me. Try it for yourself and let me know how things go.
       So, don’t let July 31st be the last time that you sit at your computer to
       write. Instead, make it your goal to sit down and write every day, even
       if it is for 15 minutes or half an hour. It will add up and you will really
       be developing as a writer.
       Make this the first day of the rest of your life of writing fellow
       writers. And above all, enjoy your writing life. What a great life it is!


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