Just believe that you are a writer

       As writers, we sometimes tend to forget the most important
       things. I know that the same occurs to me too. I tend to evaluate to
       much and criticize too much. But I don’t enjoy what is in front of
       my eyes and heart that much, which is a real pity because there
       are huge gems of wisdom there.
       One of my truest identities is that of a writer. I sure hope that
       you feel the same way. If not, you will probably not be happy
       writer-one who is content in his/her own skin and is willing to do
       whatever it takes to excel in your writing career.
       Some of us have to start by merely believing that we are writers
       first and foremost. Before you even become successful, and success
       for some is measured by the number of publications that you have
       for some (not me though), you should think of yourself as a writer.
       Walk around with a small notebook and pen all the time. Take the
       time to jot down important points that you hear or experience.
       Don’t be a talker as a listener. You’d be amazed how much you
       could pick up just be listening from others.
       Having this kind of stance can really help you a lot in how you
       treat your writing. If you feel like a writer, you will probably write
       more often because you will define yourself as a writer, and if you
       don’t write, you will feel out of place. So, writing will not only
       become a routine for you and a part of your life, it will also
       become a part of your identity.
       So fellow writers, remember, you are writers. Believe it. Live it.
       And you will become the writers that you want to be.
       ~ Have a great weekend!
       ~ Irene


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