Progress Makes Perfect

            Well, the July NaNoWriMo is really winding down.
            However, does this mean that you have to panic or get
            disillusioned if you either didn’t keep up your daily
            writing so that your word count is at about 29,000
            I would suggest fellow friends that you refrain from
            doing this. As a writer, you will go through seasons
            and different levels of progress and achievement. So, if
            you are not at the exact word count, don’t fret.
            In fact, any kind of progress will help you for future
            NaNoWriMo’s. There will be another one in
            November, and if you don’t finish your word quota
            now, you will probably do so in the future. The
            important thing for writers to remember is to have fun.
            As we write more as writers, we develop our skills
            and our perspectives as writers. We also progress and
            become better writers. This is the natural out
            come of writing consistently. So, consistency is much
            more important than speed, in my opinion, and it goes
            further towards developing your long-term skills as a
            So, take heart fellow writers. Learn that it is okay to
            slowly progress because progress over time will make
            ~ Irene


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