Be Kind….Unwind First

       Writers have to celebrate their achievements first and foremost.
       Then they can continue on setting goals and trying to fulfill them.
       Writers tend to not be very kind to themselves. But, according to
       successful writers, we have to in order to excel.
       Most successful writers work hard and play hard too. They
       work hard all week, but when the end of the week comes, they
       celebrate their successes. And that is a really great thing. There are
       many things that writers can do to celebrate their achievements.
       They can:
                go out for dinner;
                buy themselves something new for their office;
                take some much needed time to unwind;
                do something that they really enjoy;
                take some time to relax and read a book that they always
            wanted to read.
       Whatever you REALLY ENJOY DOING, do that at the end of
       the week to mark the end of a week and celebrate the good things.
       Unwind and try and take a few deep breaths every day. You will
       be really glad that you did.
       So, in order to work well, you have take the necessary time to
       celebrate your achievements and unwind. That way, you could be
       really motivated to work well next week too. While you’re
       working, you will have memories of all the wonderful times that
       you had on the weekend.
       So, take a few minutes to plan your celebrations for this
       weekend. And do one or two of them as a way of marking your
       ~ Irene


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