Don’t Necessarily Count Words

       If you are behind, as I am, it may be a good idea not to count
       words for a while and just see how things go within a week or
       two. That way, you won’t be beating yourself up to fulfill a word
       count that will probably not come together for you by the end of
       the month, baring some kind of miracle.
       I had to revise my word count this morning as well. I am about
       9,000 words right now. I should be at about 14,000. But if I work
       diligently and then maybe put in a few extra minutes a day, I may
       actually get my word quota done.
       Part of being successful in fulfilling your goals is to revise your
       goals when unexpected things arise. It means taking the time to
       regroup and revise and to set new goals without feeling bad for
       not fulfilling your original goals. And don’t let you inner critique
       to have free reign either. If you hear yourself saying negative
       things to yourself such as:
                what’s the use;
                here I am again;
                I can’t do this;
                I will never finish writing this novel/book;
                I am such a cop out; and so on.
       So, disengage your negative self-talk and know in your heart
       and soul that you CAN do this. You just may not have 50,000
       words completed. But isn’t 30,000 or 40,000 words better than no
       words?  I think the answer to that question is pretty obvious.
       ~ Irene


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