Week Two of July NaNoWriMo Starts

       Well, how are you doing fellow writers? Have you gotten
       bogged down yet?  Are you thinking that maybe I should give up
       for this time…it isn’t worth it? 
       Well, if you are, don’t feel that way because I got bogged down
       myself this week. It was very, very hot and humid in Ontario and
       because of that we had rolling black outs and a major blackout
       that continued for over 12 hours. So, I had to curtail my writing
       and take care of my bare necessities.
       I have also heard that it was this way in much of the US and
       even parts of Europe. So, many, many people didn’t do what they
       set out to do with their writing last week. The important thing is
       that our heat spell seems to be over (for now) and I will try and
       catch up this week.
       If you are in the same boat, take a hour or so on Monday to
       regroup. Take some time to revise your overall goals and word
       counts and try to catch up. You don’t have to go crazy mind you.
       But try to do the best that you can. And make an attempt to catch
       up, if at all possible. If you don’t completely catch up, that’s okay
       too. Just do some writing, regardless of how much you do.
       And don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Have fun with the
       process. The more fun you could have, the more you will be much
       more willing to write every day. If you make this process painful,
       you probably won’t get a lot of writing done in July or throughout
       the summer.
       So, today I will be revising my goals and trying to do the best
       that I could to fulfill my overall goals. I hope that you do the same.
       ~ Happy goal revision.
       ~ Irene


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