Don’t Fret….Have a Kitten’s Mentality

       Do you always fret and stew over ideas and yet feel that you
       can’t put them down on paper? Do you feel like your life is out
       of control and you don’t know what to do differently? Do you
       feel overwhelmed, and don’t know why?
       If you answered any or all of these questions in the
       affirmative, you have fret fever. This is natural for a beginner
       writer. But as you gain practise and you get increasingly
       published, your confidence ‘should’ grow.
       However, for some writers, no matter how much success they
       achieve, no matter how many books and articles and stories
       that they publish, they still fret. They still are overwhelmed
       with the small things of the writing endeavour. They just can’t
       relax and enjoy the process.
       I love watching my kitten. He never frets or worries. He lives
       in the moment. He stretches. He sleeps. He eats. He stares off
       into space. He lays low.  He just sits. And guess what, he seems
       to be enjoying himself. He loves life and he loves everything
       about himself.
       Why can’t writers do the same thing? Why can’t we just
       write and not worry about anything else? Why can’t we refuse
       to fret and just do what we really should be doing and not
       wasting energy on useless worrying? Is there something in
       human nature that is more prone to worry? 
       Well, I’m not exactly sure what the answer is but I do know
       that we would really enjoy our life as writers if we just wrote
       and didn’t worry and fret over every little detail. Relax, take a
       deep breath and write. You will not only enjoy the process of
       writing more if you do this, but you will be much more
       ~ Happy Writing.
       ~ Irene


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