Are you a Self-Starter?

       There’s an old saying-you have to be a self-starter in order to
       be a successful writer. Although I agree with this, and I think I
       may fall under that category myself, I don’t think that
       individuals who rely on others for a bit of encouragement lack
       the perseverence needed to be a successful writer.
       Many writers are confused about what it really means to be
       a self-starter. There are many degrees of self-starters. Some
       need no encouragement from others and are totally self-
       sufficient. Others, need some encouragement, but could carry
       on pretty well on their own. Still others, need quite a bit of
       encouragement, but once they get motivated they could write a
       fire storm of manuscripts the likes of which no one can repeat.
       Typically, self-starters have the following characteristics:
            1.   They can start projects and complete them on their own;
            2.   They can set writing goals and fulfil them;
            3.   They can get themselves motivated, even after rejections;
            4.   They can carry on, even when the going gets tough;
            5.   They have perspicacity, regardless of how successful they
            are; and
            6.   They know that they are okay, right now, just as they
       Do you have any of these characteristics?  If you do, you are
       a self-starter. You should be most successful in your writing.
       But even if you’re not, you will be the happiest writer.
       ~ Happy writing!
       ~ Irene


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