Don’t Forget to Have Fun……

       I will bet that most of you who read my blog on a consistent
       basis thought that I would have some sort of a pep talk today
       about how you should continue, persevere and continue
       writing, since it is after all the beginning of the July
       NaNoWriMo. Well, I’m sure that everyone in his brother is
       doing that today, so I’ll focus on something else.
       I think that writers forget to have fun when they are writing.
       They just see writing as a chore that has to be done and gotten
       over with. When the daily word count is over for the day, so are
       they. They are what I like to call, clock in and clock out writers.
       I prefer to write in a different way. And this is no different
       when I am doing something like the July NaNoWriMo. I just
       set my goals with enough wiggle room for me to have fun. Now
       what I mean by having fun is not running out to my local pub
       and having a few glasses of wine and a nice meal, although
       there’s nothing wrong with this if it is occasional. What I do
       mean by ‘having fun’ is enjoying the activity of writing at every
       I just recently got a kitten. And watching him have fun does
       me a lot of good as a writer. He plays with everything no
       matter how small or how big. Regardless of what he does, he
       sees the fun in it. Now there’s a real lesson for writers. Maybe
       every writing endeavour should be like that for us as well. We
       should make it fun and enjoy the process because dear fellow
       writers it IS a process.
       ~ Happy writing and enjoy the writing process.
       ~ Irene


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