Have you Started Yet?

       I’ve really been busy pounding on the keyboard these last few
       days. And I hope you have too. I am really getting into my novel,
       and I am looking forward to writing diligently this month.
       It is very warm and humid in most parts of North America. I
       know is that way here in Ontario, Canada. This is why I love the
       idea of committing to this much writing in the dead of summer. If
       it isn’t the heat it is vacations. Something always comes up as an
       excuse for NOT writing. And that is something that most of us
       may regret later on when we are taking stock of our summer
       writing in the fall.
       So, if you want to have something to show for yourself in the
       fall, write a novel this month, and perhaps revise another one or
       do something that will really help you feel better in the future.
       You will be really glad that you did. And don’t worry. You will
       also get other things done as well. You will just have to fit them in
       around your writing, but not the other way around.
       I am 5,000 words into my novel, which means I am a bit behind.
       But I will certainly catch up tonight because I am doing a
       marathon writing session. I will sit down from now until 8 p.m.
       and do nothing but write.
       Happy writing everyone!
       ~ Irene


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