Get Ready to Write

       Well, since this is the last day before the actual challenge starts,
       I won’t burden you with too much prose. I just want you to get
       ready to write tomorrow.
       I would like you take the time to acknowledge yourself today,
       put some finishing touches on your writing plans, get your freezer
       and pantry ready and don’t forget to get enough sleep.  You will
       need this to cope with the challenge over the next month.
       I am SO excited.  Take the time to be excited fellow writers.
       Take the time to plan.  And I’ll see you tomorrow when I start the
       challenge in earnest.
       Over the next month, I will be blogging every day just to let
       you know how I am coping with the hope that what I say will help
       you to get more motivated to continue the challenge.
       Let’s both start on the same page on July 1st and let’s see how
       well we do over the month. If you would like, please leave
       comments for me and express your challenges and successes. That
       way, we could have a whole conversation going and hopefully
       help each other to achieve our writing goals for July.
       To our success!
       ~ Irene


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