Do you have your Writing Plan Ready?

       If you don’t fellow writers, I urge you to get your writing plan
       ready for the month. I have three writing plans.
       One is for the July NaNoWriMo.  I have all of my writing goals
       charted for the whole month, in terms of word counts. But I’m not
       going to beat myself up if I don’t quite achieve these word counts
       each and every month.
       My second writing plan is for all of my other writing projects. I
       will be spending two to three hours a day doing my NaNoWriMo
       writing and then three hours doing my OTHER WRITING
       PROJECTS, such as the articles that I want to send off, queries I
       have to sent off and a few book proposals. All of these other
       writing goals will be fulfilled as well.
       My third writing plan is for my academic projects. I will spend
       two days a week working on my academic pursuits during July. I
       do have two articles to submit and a few book reviews to write. In
       August, I will get back to working on my academic writing more.
       What are your writing plans? If you don’t have any as yet, I
       urge you to have two writing plans one for the July NaNoWriMo
       and one for your other writing pursuits. Post them on your
       bulletin board or close to where you type.  It will motivate you to
       write more.
       ~ Happy planning, fellow writers!
       ~ Irene


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