Stock your Cupboards with Healthy Foods

       Summer is usually a time when the living is easy and carefree.
       This being the case, it may be a time for people to just lay low and
       not plan anything let alone their writing and meals.
       But, over the years I have had lazy, hazy summers where I did
       nothing and had nothing to call my own in September. Then in the
       fall, I would have to fall into a writing flurry of sorts to make up
       for lost time. Don’t fall into that trap fellow writers.
       Instead, plan things a bit more. This doesn’t mean that ALL
       your time has to be spent in PLANNED activity. You could still
       take a few hours off in the afternoon or evening for ME time. As a
       matter of fact, psychologists do insist that writers do just this
       otherwise they burn out.
       This week, as a way for preparing for the July NaNoWriMo, I
       will take the time to stock my shelves with healthy snacks so that I
       could munch on them without guilt. The last thing that I need
       during this month is to put on weight. I know that I will be more
       sedentary than usual. So, I will have to make up for this by eating
       healthy and exercising each and every day. This helps not only to
       clear my mind, but also it helps to make me work more
       productively and sleep better.
       So, take the time to plan your snacks and meals for the month.
       Take the time to fill the freezer with ready made foods too. Make a
       few shepard pies, stews and meatloafs and stick them in the
       freezer for quick dinners. Then once July rolls in, you will be more
       than ready.
       To a healthy and productive July fellow writers!
       ~ Irene


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