You Can Do It!

            Do you think you could do the July NaNoWriMo?
           Well, I don’t even know you and I will honestly say that
           YES you certainly can do it and will gain a lot from
           All you need to do it is to have a positive attitude
           towards writing.  That’s right a positive attitude and
           not a negative one.
           Many writers go into July feeling like they won’t be
           able to make the challenge. They will quit at some point
           in the month. Its just a matter of when.
           That is what you call the typical negative attitude.
           What writers must do instead is to say that they WILL
           COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE. They have to go into
           this POSITIVELY. Then they will have a chance to
           complete the challenge.
           Also, you could revise the challenge a bit, given your
           time constraints and your own needs. Remember, this is
           supposed to be fun and you’re supposed to learn a lot
           from this experience. This experience isn’t supposed to
           make you feel awful or inept. So, if it does, you may as
           well not partake in the July NaNoWriMo because its
           purpose hasn’t been fulfilled.
           Happy Planning, fellow writers!
           ~ Irene


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