Survival of the Fittest?

       Is the July NaNoWriMo really a test if you are strong enough to
       endure the writing challenge?  Well, yes and no.
       Yes, you have to write pretty consistently, and it forces you to
       do so. But this is a good thing, especially for writers who haven’t
       yet formed the habit of writing consistently. So, it shouldn’t be a
       negative challenge but a positive one.
       Some other writers believe that the July NaNoWriMo is a
       stress-filled time that only seasoned writers could grapple with.
       They feel that they must really know what they are doing in order
       to write so much in so little time. But this need not be the case.
       Most writers can learn a lot from the challenge. They don’t have
       to get all 50,000 words down to learn either. All the writer has to
       do is to write consistently. It is amazing how much writing the
       writer will get done. I am always absolutely amazed about how
       much I get done in a short span of time. Consistency is a
       wonderful teacher that way.
       The first time I partook in the NaNoWriMo, I didn’t complete
       my word count.  No where close as a matter of fact. However,
       what I learned was something more valuable than winning at a
       word count. I learned how to write on a consistent basis.  I
       completed 35,000 words, and I gained so much inspiration to keep
       writing. In fact, I wrote another four novels after that. What a
       wonderful testament of hope and inspiration! 
       So, fellow writers, enjoy the July NaNoWriMo and don’t hassle
       yourselves with comparisons. Just keep writing every day. It will
       do so much that is positive for your self-confidence as a writer.
       You may even to become a consistent writer who is prolific!
       ~ Happy Writing!
       ~ Irene


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