Don’t Compare Yourself

       Writers tend to be WAY to compare themselves way too often.
       And this is especially the case when they are participating in a
       NaNoWriMo competition.
       Yet when you compare yourselves to others, you only make
       yourself feel inadequate as a writer. There will always be other
       writers who are better than you are.  Even Margaret Atwood has
       writers that she probably feels threatened by. But is that healthy?
       I don’t think it is, and it only makes the writer feel very
       inadequate. Writers must respect themselves unconditionally,
       otherwise everything that they do goes by the wayside. Not only
       that, if writers continue to compare themselves to others, they
       start feeling as if they don’t measure up to others, and they will
       feel that others are better than they are as writers.
       Although that may be the case for beginning writers, we all hae
       to start somewhere.  Even the great writers and the most prolific
       had to start somewhere. And as you read biographies by writers,
       you will realize that most writers feel inadequate in the beginning.
       That is to be expected. But when beginning writers also compare
       themselves to others, they feel paralyzed and even more
       inadequate because they can’t measure up.
       So, fellow writers, whether you are a beginning writer, or a
       more seasoned writer, please refrain from comparing yourself
       with others. You will feel more adequate as a writer and you will
       discover that comparing yourself to others is just plain wrong.
       And this is especially the case with the July NaNoWriMo around
       the corner.
       So, fellow writers, extricate yourself from the disquietude of
       comparison, and forge ahead as if you are the only one in line.
       ~ Irene


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