Reward Yourself

       Writers tend to be WAY too serious sometimes. And I know
       with July NaNoWriMo, this sentiment will be no different for a lot
       of writers.
       I will TRY not to be that way this time. I find that I get SO
       uptight that I don’t give myself any breathing room when I get
       into this writing competition. I just sit and write, day in and day
       out. I don’t reward myself for good behaviour, for getting my
       goals accomplish, but I really hack at myself if I don’t get the word
       count that I SHOULD get done on a particular day.
       This time around, my attitude will be very different. I will
       lighten the pace and I will especially lighten my attitude towards
       my goals. And if I DO accomplish what I set out to do over five
       days, I will reward myself. The reward doesn’t have to be a big
       reward.  But a reward is a reward after all.
       I went to the Stationery store the other day and I thought a
       whole bunch of nifty post it notes, pens, markers, rulers, crayons,
       and binders. I also bought some really good chocolate from one of
       our local chocolate companies. And I will keep buying little things
       so that I could reward myself often for a job well done.
       Every week, I will go for lunch at a nice restaurant if I
       accomplish my writing goals. And I will keep rewarding myself
       until I am finished my goals. I will have FUN this time, fellow
       July NaNoWriMo doesn’t have to be hard and awful.  Just set
       your mind to not only accomplish your goals, but to have fun as
       you are fulfilling your goals. Try not to be too serious.  I will write
       about this next month and I will tell you if I succeeded.
       Happy planning for the July NaNoWriMo.!
       ~ Irene


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