July NaNoWriMo

       Well fellow writers, are you ready for another writing
       challenge? This one is right smack in the middle of the warmest
       month of the summer in most parts of the continent.
       Are you hot with desire to finish up one of your novels?  The
       rules are very different this time around. There is no 50,000 word
       limit and you don’t have to start a new novel.  You could finish up
       a novel you started and haven’t yet finished or you could rethink
       an idea that you had for a novel a while ago and write that one.  It
       is completely up to you.
       The only challenge is to finish up something you didn’t finish
       up as yet.  I am really looking forward to the challenge because I
       have a novel or two that is currently in that category. I have a
       month to take the out of my file and determine which one needs
       the most work and then to proceed to finish it up and redraft it in
       I think that perhaps this is a time that more writers will be able
       to take part in this NaNoWriMo challenge because some people
       are on vacation.  I know that I am off for the summer and I will
       really be thrilled to write, write, and revise, and then write some
       more.  I am SO looking forward to it.
       I love the NaNoWriMo challenge, because I don’t know if it is
       the same for you, for me this is a time to get some real time at my
       desk and not to squander my summer away.  It is SO tempting to
       do that because it is warm and the weather is beautiful and you
       want to just get out and do something outside, anything but write.
       Then September comes along, and you discover that you wrote
       nothing during the whole summer.
       During the next few weeks, I will be reflecting on how
       important NaNoWriMo is for establishing and completing your
       writing goals. I will also offer tips on how to do that.  So, sit back
       and take some notes over the next few weeks, and then get ready
       to take on the July NaNoWriMo challenge. 
       ~ Happy Planning, Irene


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