Not All of Us are Like Margaret Atwood

           Well, it takes a long time to become like Margaret
           Atwood. It took her many years of hard work and
           dedication to become a successful writer. But do we all
           want to become like her?
           I know that I don’t.  I don’t want all of the hassle and
           hardship that comes with that kind of life. I mean, don’t
           get me wrong. I would LOVE to have over a hundred
           books published. I would love to get the royalties for
           such publications. However, there are other parts of
           that life that I wouldn’t necessarily like.
           When you are a POPULAR writer, you are always on
           display. You can’t even go to the grocery store without
           people saying: DID YOU SEE MARGARET ATWOOD?
           TATTERS.  To which I would respond: Doesn’t
           We tend to sanctify people who are successful. We
           don’t expect them to be living in ways that are similar
           to all of us. They have the same worries, aspirations and
           flaws. Many of them are obsessive about things just as
           we are as well. So, there is nothing new there.
           So, what makes us so entranced by the Atwood’s of
           the world? Well, it may be that we would LOVE to be
           successful. And since we aren’t successful, we may
           think that such people possess what we don’t. But this
           isn’t the case. They have just chosen to hone their skills
           in such a way that they could be successful. And we can
           But before you do that decide if you really want all of
           that notoriety.  If you do go for it……because it just
           might happen for you!
           ~ Irene


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