People who Love to Read Love to Write too….right?

        People who love to read, usually love to write as well. That is
        usually the case, except for some people who love to read but
        who have always planned to write but NEVER have.
        Such individuals usually have SO many excuses. Some of the
        ones I’ve heard over the years are as follows:
        I always wanted to write, but I don’t have the talent.
        I don’t have the time to write.
        I work long hours at work and when I get home I am pooped.
        I am not up to writing all the time.
        I’ll let the brainier people write I feel dumb.
        I just want to read good books I can NEVER write them.
        I can’t imagine spending so much time in front of a computer.
        I am proud of other writers but I don’t want to be one of them.
        I love my life of doing what I want with my free.
        I think that writing takes too much time.
        I’ll never get published anyway so why write?
        If one of these reasons are your reasons for not writing, take
        heart. Most writers feel this way but somehow at some point they
        realize that they want to try the writing life. And when they do,
        they get completely addicted to it. 
        So, don’t worry if you are a writer wanna-a-be.  If you persist
        and if you have a REAL love for writing in your soul, your time
        for writing will come.
        ~ Irene


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