How Was your Week?

       I sure hope that you had a productive writing week and that you
       made some important headways into your writing career. I am really
       proud of you.  But if you had a bad week, this reflection is for you.
       Please remember that the writing life is plagued with uncertainty and
       many difficult weeks. There will be weeks and perhaps months where
       you will achieve very little towards your writing goals. The important
       thing is that you don’t quit during this time but just keep on going with
       a smile on your face. Just keep being confident in your abilities and keep
       honing your skills if you are a new writer.
       The next important thing is to make sure that you aren’t disgusted
       with yourself and be plagued with guilt if you had a difficult week in
       terms of productivity. Instead, be kind to yourself and don’t beat
       yourself up. You need to know that it is OKAY to have a SLOOOOOOW
       week.  These are not only permissible but necessary.
       Sometimes it is advised by expert writers that we take a mini-
       vacation from time to time. Even if this mini-vacation is only for a few
       hours, it will rejuvenate you and help you to progress in the future. Its
       amazing what you realize when you are peaceful and silent and just get
       away from your desk.  It will help you to regroup and to re-evaluate
       what is working and what isn’t.  And that is all part of what progress is
       all about.
       So, if you had a difficult week, please don’t be plagued with guilt.
       Don’t compare yourself to someone who had a GREAT week. Just try to
       regroup this weekend. Spend time doing something that you truly love
       that has nothing to do with writing. Watch a funny movie. Sleep in.
       Bake your favourite desert. Read your favourite book. By doing some of
       these things, you will be ready to start a new week of writing with peace
       and tranquillity in your heart and soul.
       So, fellow writers, have a great weekend. Rest, be happy, and be
       peaceful because next week will be a GREAT week!
       ~ Irene


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