Could anyone be a writer?

       I think that most people can become writers, if they only put
       their minds to it and are patient with themselves. Many people
       say that it depends on a person’s temperament whether or not
       they could become a writer. I beg to differ on this point.
       I believe ANYONE can become a writer. However, NOT
       everyone could become a PUBLISHED writer.  That is another
       animal all together. Becoming a published writer is very, very
       hard work. You have to do a lot of market research and you have
       to be lucky too. And yes, you have write and try to continuously
       perfect your writing skills.
       So, it could take years to become a published writer. However,
       to be a writer, all you have to do is have a pen and paper or a
       computer and you can write. And all writers have to start this
       way. We all have to start from where WE are.  And then if we
       have the urge to become a writer, we must just write, and write
       every day, take some classes, and then finally try and break into
       print and have someone buy our manuscripts.
       But this is not to dissuade writers from just writing. I know I
       have a few friends who just SIMPLY WRITE. They don’t really
       care if they ever get published. That is not their aim. Their aim is
       to write and to enjoy the process of writing.
       So, fellow writers, get out your pen and paper and start writing.
       That is the pleasant part of writing. Enjoy the process of learning
       your craft if you are starting up. Because once you are at the nerve
       racking point of sending your stuff out to editors, your writing
       will take on a different turn.
       ~ Irene


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