Playing With Words…..Oh the Writer’s Metier

       Writers play with words for a living.  That is what they do. And
       they also play with ideas. Maybe the word ‘play’ is out of context
       here especially for the writer who believes that writing is horrible.
       Maybe ‘toiling’ over words is more like what those writers do? 
       Perhaps, but I still prefer to describe the writer’s metier as
       ‘playing’ with words. This not only connotes the fun part of
       writing but also the choices that writers have. They could choose
       any words that they want to connote and express what they are
       writing about. This gives the writer a LOT of leeway and control.
       Writers also play around with ideas. Unless they do, writers
       will keep writing about the same kinds of things over and over.
       How boring is that?  Writers should try and be open to different
       angles on topics and slants as well.  This will give them the edge
       that they need to get published over and over again. That is
       because editors want NEW twists on old topics. And unless you
       could find those new twists, you won’t get published as often as
       you would like.
       For some writers, playing with words and ideas is hard work.
       There I would have to agree. It IS hard work.  However, it is
       worth it.  When you finally look at your manuscript, and find that
       you are finally happy with it, you will be very content and happy
       indeed. So, the hard work is well worth it.
       So, fellow writers, enjoy ‘playing’ with words.  Despite the fact
       that it IS hard work, it will give you a sense of contentment and
       completion when you see your manuscript in print.
       ~ Happy Writing.
       ~ Irene


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