Is Making Money Your Most Important Motivator?

       We all want to make money as writers. But should this be our
       ONE AND ONLY GOAL?  Writers have many different goals for
       writing. And at the beginning, I believe it is important to simply
       write and perfect your craft. If you become a good writer, you’re
       writing will be bought by many publishers and magazines.
       Some beginning writers are quite confused about their overall
       goals when they begin writing. For myself, I know that I want to
       be a writer, regardless of whether I ever make a living at it. I just
       LOVE writing. And I love helping people through my writing. So,
       that is my chief goal for writing.
       I think when writers have monetary goals and they add them to
       their writing goals, they become disillusioned and unhappy. One
       of the main reasons for this is because beginning writers don’t
       make a lot of money. For some writers, it takes them years to sell
       their work. Does this mean that they should feel bad about
       themselves as writers?
       No, I don’t think that should be the case at all. For beginning
       writers, I think it is crucial for them to keep perfecting their skill as
       writers and they must continue to write whether or not they sell
       any of their work at the beginning. 
       So, my advice to you is, if you’re not making money as a
       beginning writer right now, relax and enjoy the process. There is
       so much to learn and you are making progress, whether or not
       you make any money. The money will come in time. So, enjoy the
       ride in the beginning.
       ~ Happy Writing!
       ~ Irene


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