Oh What A Tangled We Weave When We First Practise to Deceive

          Writers should learn to be true to who they are as writers
          and not to try to please their teachers and mentors. Many
          times, our teachers don’t know the type of writing that we
          are most geared towards writing. We have to supply them
          this information.
          There is nothing worse than when writers write about things
          that they have a passion for. You can’t hide your passions
          and you shouldn’t let other people dictate what your likes
          and dislikes are as a writer either. This is usually a recipe for
          So, fellow writers, once you determine what your passion is
          in writing, stick to it. And if you don’t know what it is, don’t
          allow another person force you to stick to one kind of
          writing. Take a sufficient amount of time determining what
          kind of writing really suits you.  Otherwise, every day when
          you sit down and write, you will deceiving yourself. And
          there is nothing worse than being a dishonest writer.
          I think that writing can be cathartic. However, in order for it
          to act as a cleansing process, you must be true to your own
          writing and the type of writing that you are doing. So, dare
          to be yourself and dare to be honest because this is YOUR
          writing life.
          ~ Happy Writing
          ~ Irene


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