Every Writer has a Favorite Season

          My favorite season to write and to start new projects is in
          the spring. I find this time of year very fruitful and
          conducive to creating new projects.
          This spring is a bit different for me. I am trying to
          determine what type of teen and tween writing I am going
          to be doing. And I can’t completely decide on the genre. Just
          as I was deciding to write nonfiction articles and books full
          time for teens and tweens, I got five ideas for picture books.
          So, I decided instead of ruin my most fruitful time of the
          year for writing, I would just relax and let things develop as
          they may. I will jot down my ideas for my five picture
          books, and start developing them into written form. But I
          will ALSO continue with my other writing. It will be a busy
          few months, but it will also be a fruitful one for me.
          I just absolutely hate putting constrictions on my writing.
          I never have. As many of you know, I also write
          academically, and I divide my time between writing for
          teens/kids and writing academically. So, constricting my
          writing isn’t even in my nature. I will just let things unfold
          naturally in time. And I will give myself the time and space
          to do it in before I commit to ONE genre of writing.
          I hope you have a fruitful and inspiring spring.  To your
          many new projects and to enjoying the process of writing
          during this most fruitful time of year.
          ~ Irene


2 thoughts on “Every Writer has a Favorite Season

  1. I am with you Irene. I like to let the stories pop out as they may. I feel that if i force something to happen it usually doesn’t.

  2. Hi Kristi,

    I’m glad that you enjoyed my blog. I am in the middle of writing an E-book about this topic. I should have it completed within a few weeks and will have an opt-in box for it on this blog for your perusal.

    I think that writers have to be bold and to assert themselves in their writing. But writers must also be patient with themselves and not be too constricting. A lot of psychology goes into fine tuning and honing your unique writing skills. And only you could do this.

    Thank you so much for visiting!

    ~ Happy Writing!
    ~ Irene

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