This Week in Focus

          This week, I will continue my reflections on how careful
          beginning writers should be when taking criticism from
          outside sources about the genre of their writing.
          I believe that in the beginning, writers should write in
          many different areas until they determine what their genre
          of writing is. I don’t think it is right for writers to limit
          themselves in any way at the beginning. So, writing about
          everything at the beginning is not only permissible but
          Secondly, it is important for writers to determine which
          is their best season for writing. My all time favourite season
          is spring. I love starting new projects and finishing up some
          of the old ones so that I could have a clean sleight for the
          remainder of the year.
          Thirdly, I believe that unless a writer experiments with
          his/her writing in the beginning, (s)he will never know what
          type of writing (s)he would really, really like to do.  This is
          why it is so important for writers to have fun with many
          different kinds of writing in the beginning.
          Have a great week and enjoy the posts. And please leave
          a comment and let me know what you think about some of
          the topics that I delve into. 
          I would love to hear from you.
          ~ Irene


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