Writing About Everything

          There are a lot of views on how beginning writers should
          start their writing careers.
          Some say that writers should choose ONE genre and
          write only within that genre right from the beginning. But
          what if a writer cannot decide on her genre right at the
          I think that it is a bit farfetched and perhaps even
          presumptuous for writers to ONLY write within ONE genre
          at the beginning. Not only will the writer be limiting herself
          but she may never discover her REAL likes and dislikes,
          much less her genre, of writing.
          I believe that writers can only discover their genre by
          writing in MANY different genres at the beginning. Then,
          after a few years, perhaps they will be able to make an
          informed decision about which genre they really, really love
          to write within and that appeals to them the most. How else
          will they know?
          So, my advice for beginning writers is to write in as many
          different genres as possible for the first year or two. Then,
          once the writer has had a feel for the different kinds of
          writing that she would like, and maybe even got published
          in a genre or two, she could settle into that particular genre
          and write within it.
          Most importantly, don’t hassle and torture yourself at the
          beginning to discover which genre of writing you REALLY,
          REALLY like. That will come with time and practise. In the
          meantime, have fun with the whole process.
          Happy self-discovery fellow writers!
          ~ Irene


2 thoughts on “Writing About Everything

  1. Great advice! I think writing in many genres will help writers (not just future pros, but also student writers) discover which genre suits them best. Some students, for example, may want to write in a certain genre, but unless they’ve been reading widely in that genre, they may find themselves at a loss for making it work. Some genres also require a great deal more research than others. Many people think that a Stephen King only searches the deep, dark recesses of his own twisted mind for ideas, but he actually does a lot of research, including interviews with medical professionals, in order to get all of his disgusting details right. Wow… I digress! But totally with you on this advice!

  2. Hi Keith,

    I’m glad that you found my advice helpful. I think that beginning writers must do a lot of research and not constrict themselves to only one area. I know that I certainly have been writing in many different areas so far and really, really enjoying it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

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