Tension-Filled Beginnings

           Do you feel overwhelmed as a beginning writer? Do you
           feel anxious and don’t know where to turn? Do you have
           mentors and coaches who are making you feel worse rather
           than better?
           If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please
           know that you’re not all alone. MANY writers are in your
           boat and some will quit. And that is a real pity.
           Beginning writers are very vulnerable. They feel out of
           place so easily. They are like a baby plant that is trying to
           root but that is having difficult because of all the emotional
           storms and uprootedness that comes with setting yourself
           up as a freelance writer.
           If you feel this way, take heart. I feel so much like you. I
           feel very insecure, and one criticism, be it small or large, can
           send me screaming into the dark night of oblivion and
           dismay. But I then try and brush myself up and continue on
           in my journey.
           As a teacher, I remember how careful I ALWAYS am to
           make sure that I don’t make my students feel awful with my
           comments. I am careful to be encouraging, while giving
           them constructive feedback on their writing and essay
           But some teachers don’t have that grace. Some mentors
           and coaches aren’t very careful with giving feedback, and
           this is especially the case with negative feedback.
           So, if you have a mentor or a coach who is supposed to be
           inspiring you, yet seems to be doing the opposite, it is
           important for you to take steps to make sure that you have a
           much more positive experience with the individual. You
           may want to speak to the mentor directly and let her know
           how you feel about her comments. Or you may want to get
           another mentor to work with. Otherwise, if you are feeling
           discouraged instead of encouraged, it is time to do
           something about your relationship with your mentor.
           ~ Happy writing everyone!


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