Unhealthy Mentors?

           Do you have unhealthy mentors or role models as
           you are starting out in your writing career? If you do,
           that is another bit of clutter for you to throw out before
           you start your writing career.
           Unhealthy mentors are individuals who are
           supposed to be helping you in your writing career but
           who are making you feel so awful that you can’t
           function as a writer. For some writers, such individuals
           may want them to quit writing altogether.
           Sometimes, these unhealthy mentors could be
           writing coaches. A lot of coaches believe that it IS okay
           to put other writers down with the (seeming) intention
           of helping them. Yes, beginning writers need
           instruction and they need to get better, but they DON’T
           NEED TO BE HUMILIATED by them.
           A lot of writers pay a lot of money to be coached to
           become better writers too. And yet they feel unfit to be
           a writer. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?
           Yes, I certainly think that there is something grossly
           wrong with this. If this is happening to you, talk to
           your coach or mentor openly. Sometimes, she may not
           want to be hurting you. But if you talk to the individual
           openly about how you are feeling and the behaviour
           still continues, seek another person that will coach your
           writing journey.
           Believe in yourself as a writer and a person, even if
           you are a beginner, to honour yourself. Even though
           you need to learn a lot about your craft, you DON’T
           need to be humiliated and put down.
           So, writers, take care of your vulnerable heart and
           soul at the beginning and find a coach who really cares
           about you and who will respect you while you learn the
           techniques of writing.
           ~ Irene


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